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The RiseUp Foundation Rent Relief Program provides rental and utility assistance to qualifying applicants to prevent housing instability, potential eviction, utility disconnections, and financial hardships for tenants and landlords.


Our program provides rental assistance to qualifying applicants, who need assistance due to an unexpected financial emergency outside of your control (temporary job gap, natural disaster, medical emergency, auto accident [vehicle maintenance costs do not qualify], a victim of a crime, death, etc.) and are for residents who intend to stay in living on the property. A majority of our financial aid is for assistance in paying rent that you are not able to pay which has put you at risk of eviction. 

Priority consideration is provided for households that are facing eviction. 

Family Time

Qualifications to apply (COVID program in red):

  • You are facing eviction within 60 days.

  • You’ve been a resident in your current community for 9+ months and intend to say in your home;

  • The financial crisis was unexpected and outside of your control. You have taken every step possible to reduce your monthly expenses. In the event of a death, please be prepared to provide a copy of the death certificate;

  • You paid your rent timely every month for the previous five years – we allow the following before the date of the crisis;

    • For residencies of 1 year or less -1 late payment

    • 2 years – 2 late payments

    • 3 years – 3 late payments

    • 4 years – 4 late payments

    • 5+ years – 5 late payments

  • You have not violated any terms of your lease;

You have enough income moving forward to cover your rent and expenses; alternatively, you have a good job prospect or other income expected within a specific period of time and can provide supporting documentation meaning a job offer letter, proof of upcoming SS, disability, or unemployment benefits, etc.;  For those affected by COVID-19 and cannot show proof of sufficient future income, we will consider a maximum grant of 2 months of rental assistance.

Rental Relief Application

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